RUKR One Weighted Backpack
RUKR One Weighted Backpack
RUKR One Weighted Backpack
RUKR One Weighted Backpack
RUKR One Weighted Backpack
RUKR One Weighted Backpack
RUKR One Weighted Backpack
RUKR One Weighted Backpack

RUKR One Weighted Backpack

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Your ultimate rucking partner. Ergonomically designed with a wide range of adjustability to suit everyone and especially to meet the specific needs of women, this stylish backpack offers unmatched comfort and durability for ruckers of all levels. Includes an adjustable waist belt and selectable weight plate.

Need help choosing your weight plate? We recommend beginner women start their rucking journey with a 15-pound plate and beginner men start with 20 to 25 pounds of weight.


Design: Ergonomically designed for women (and great for men) with the highest quality materials for durability and the ability to carry up to 50 pounds.

Comfortable: Infinite adjustability, a waist belt for even weight distribution and strategic padding to fit any shape and ensure all-day comfort.

Functionality: Multiple compartments including for water bladders and bottles, with room for supplies and gear for those extended ruck sessions.

Versatility: Built to ruck but fashionably versatile with room for a laptop and suitable for everyday use at work, school or on vacation.

  • Ergonomically designed to adjust to a women’s needs.
  • Highly adjustable so works great for men too.
  • One selectable weight plate included.
  • Durable construction with waterproof coated Cordura for rain or shine rucking.
  • Industry standard YKK zippers and military quality webbing.
  • Multiple compartments including for water bladders, bottles, with room for supplies and gear for an all day ruck.

What is rucking?

Rucking is walking or hiking while carrying weight.

What is the ideal weight to start rucking?

A good starting point is 10% of your target body weight or lighter. And gradually increase weight as you progress.*

Does the backpack have compartments for organizing gear?

Yes, the backpack is designed to carry a water bladder and water bottles, and has compartments to secure keys, phones, and more.

Can I use the RUKR One backpack for activities other than rucking?

Yes, the RUKR One has room for a laptop and can be used for travel, work, school and everyday activities.

How do I clean and maintain the backpack?

Clean RUKR One by wiping with a damp soft cloth.

What is the return policy for the backpack?

Please review our return policy page. All returns must be approved.

* It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating a weighted vest or weighted backpack into your workout routine, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.

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Rucking for Beginners

How to Start Rucking?

Rucking is a fantastic way to improve your fitness, build strength, and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you're looking for a new workout routine or a fun way to stay active, rucking can be the perfect solution.