Rucking FAQ

Rucking is walking or hiking with a loaded backpack or rucksack, typically over varying distances and terrains.

  1. Put on a weighted vest or backpack.
  2. Adjust for comfort.
  3. Head outside and put one foot in front of the other.

A good starting point is 10% of your body weight or less. Gradually increase weight as you gain strength and endurance.

Rucking is an excellent form of exercise for everyone, but especially women. It provides many benefits for both physical and mental health:

  • Boosts mood
  • Enhances confidence
  • Low-impact exercise for joint safety
  • Builds strength and endurance
  • Increases bone density
  • Burns calories
  • It can be done anywhere

Yes, rucking is suitable for any fitness level or age. We advise you consult with a healthcare professional or fitness professional before incorporating a weighted backpack into your workout routine, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.

Our RUKR One was designed to distribute weight evenly with extra padded shoulder straps, extra lumbar support, and adjustable hip belt and chest straps. However, depending on your fitness level, getting used to carrying the extra weight for long rucking sessions might take some time, so, like any new workout, expect a few aches and pains when you start out.

Yes, our RUKR One backpack is designed to carry a water bladder and water bottles, has various compartments to secure your keys and phones, and plenty of room for food, gear and clothes for an all day ruck.

Yes, the RUKR One backpack has a stylish multi-functional design that looks and works great both on the trail or everyday for work, travel and school.

A weighted vest is an easy-to-wear piece of equipment for workouts to intensify training by challenging muscles with extra weight. At 12 pounds, RUKR Element is a great way to start your rucking journey.

The benefits of a weighted vest for women are numerous: Easily and conveniently adds resistance and intensity to exercise, helping increase strength, stamina, and calorie burn, plus it helps with posture too.