Ditch the treadmill! Get Out and Ruck! Rucking, walking or hiking with a weighted backpack isn't only for the military anymore. Rucking is a powerful workout that builds strength endurance, and confidence while moving in the beautiful outdoors.

The idea to start RUKR came to me when I was introduced to rucking as an alternative to running. I was a national-level sprinter in college (many years ago…) and have regularly run ever since. But running had taken its toll, and I started rucking to add some intensity to my daily walks and hikes. I felt stronger and more energized with every ruck but without my usual post-run ailments. At the same time I was seeing that many health, wellness and longevity experts I followed were also discovering the many benefits of rucking.

Whenever family and friends visited, I took them for walks in my (hilly) neighborhood with my backpacks jerry rigged with weights I had found on Amazon. The gear wasn’t ideal, but everyone loved the workouts and wanted to take a pack home. 

When I initially discovered rucking, I was intimidated by its macho military-based ethos that felt inaccessible and exclusionary. The purpose built gear was surprisingly expensive, and the pink options supposedly tailored to us, didn’t adequately address the unique fit and comfort needs of women.

I saw a clear problem. There was no rucking gear designed to adjust to fit women on the market so I committed to develop a backpack, RUKR One, with the mantra: Women are not small men! And with that I launched RUKR. I'm so excited to share, evangelize and help everyone, but especially women for whom it’s benefits are so important, become enthusiasts of this wonderful workout.

- Teri Levy, Founder RUKR


Our Values


Being physically strong from moving weight is essential to living a long and healthy life. Rucking builds strength and RUKR is pushing the movement to build Strength with Every Step.


RUKR products are intentionally designed to adjust for fit and comfort for the female frame (but also work great for men). We have carefully considered how humans best carry weight and what our bodies need to comfortably support carrying extra pounds on your back.


Whatever your fitness level, we have a pack for you. Anyone can grab a RUKR One backpack or RUKR Element vest, put one foot in front of the other, and Get Out & Ruck.


Imagine being outside and getting the same or better workout as you would in the gym. You can make that a reality with rucking anytime, anywhere. Just throw on a pack while walking the dog, pushing a stroller or cruising the farmer's market.


Becoming stronger doesn't require a gym membership or workout class. We take the work out of working out and empower you to move you body, outside.

Now, let's get rucking strong together!