Get Out & Ruck

Stronger With Every Step

At RUKR we are on a mission to make rucking accessible to everyone. Join us, experience the empowering benefits of rucking and challenge yourself in new ways.

We believe in functional fitness and empowering you to become Stronger with Every Step. Rucking is a powerful workout that builds strength, endurance and confidence, and gets you moving outdoors.


The World of RUKR

“I believe rucking can be a transformative activity for women physically and mentally. It’s not about being the strongest or fastest but pushing yourself to your limits and discovering your capabilities. If you’re a woman (or man) looking for a new challenge, I invite you to join us on this journey and see what rucking can do for you.”

- Teri Levy, founder of RUKR


Women have specific needs for rucking. Our RUKR One Weighted Backpack has been ergonomically designed to adjust to fit the female body comfortably and empower you to Get Stronger with Every Step! Our packs work great for guys who like to ruck too.



Ergonomically designed to adjust to comfortably fit women (and men) with the highest quality materials for durability and the ability to carry up to 45 pounds.


Infinite adjustability, a waist belt for even weight distribution and strategic padding to fit any shape and ensure day long comfort.


Multiple compartments including for water bladders, bottles, with room for supplies and gear for those extended ruck sessions.


Built to ruck but fashionably versatile with room for a laptop and suitable for everyday use at work, school or on vacation.